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Ivy Insight Testimonials

Ivy Insight works beside top-tier students and their parents to maximize their opportunities for lifelong success, while creating clarity, guidance, ease and support throughout this high-stakes college journey. View some of our students who have shared their experiences with us. 


Aditya dives into his challenges prior to working with Ivy Insight, specifically finding his narrative for his college application. 

 He shares some successes he has achieved as a result of Ivy Insight’s support. One of the most prominent successes he had was learning how to write college application essays.

His advice to future students: Start early! 



Yastika takes you through her current journey with Ivy Insight. Challenges she faced before working with us included not finding ways outside of her school to extend her learning and not knowing how to explore the fields she wanted to study in college. She also was struggling with differentiating herself from her peers. 

Some outcomes that she has achieved so far is publishing a book, completing an Emerging Leader Program with Dr. Abbott of Carnegie Mellon University, participating in field related programs available to her.  

Her advice for future students: Expose yourself to new opportunities and utilize your resources, like the Emerging Leader Program. 



Navyaa is a student who recently participated in our Emerging Leader Program. This program matches you with a University Professor of your choosing to mentor you through a personalized project for 8 weeks.

Navyaa discusses what brought her to Ivy Insight and the challenges she was encountering before discovering our program. She gives wonderful insight into why the Emerging Leader Program benefitted her and the ways she received even more than what she expected.




Josie is a former student who highlights her accomplishments achieved while working with Ivy Insight. 

She shares her struggle of identifying her differentiating factor for writing her college essays and how we supported her. 

Josie speaks of the individual help recieved by Ivy Insight and how it was a great beneift. 

Her advice for future students: Even thougth it’s a scary process, you have great ideas but Ivy Inisght can help you clean up and make it presentable to schools to make you an even better candidate you were before. 


Ivy Insight Case Studies

Our case study students are high-achieving, neurodivergent, or twice-exceptional (2E) student, and wanted to pursue a competitive and authentic pathway to college acceptance. Review some of our case studies of previous students who have achieved success to gain a better understanding of how you can do this too.

Bethany: From Chronic Illness to Northwestern

Learn how our guidance pushed Bethany to pursue her dreams and to thrive.


June: From International Trailblazer to USC WBB Student

Learn how our advice led June to trust her gut, taking a big risk.


Jennifer: From Uncertain Goals to Stanford Achiever

Learn how Ivy Insight helped Jennifer to define her goals and ultimately land admission to Stanford.


Mike: Self-Published Author Admitted ED To Pitzer

Learn how Mike took a unique path to standing out for his dream school with Ivy Insight’s counseling.

Lana and Neil: Working Connections to Gain Admission to the Ivy League

Learn from contrasting stories of Lana and Niel on how to use your connections to gain admissions into your dream college.

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