June: From International Trailblazer to USC WBB Student

June: When Trusting Your Gut Means Taking a Big Risk

My student June has a knack for trusting her gut. When June was a 14-year-old middle school student in China, she was unsatisfied by her educational experience. Rather than be confined to one aspect of studies–which were heavily science and math-focused–June wanted a chance to explore her interest in business and world cultures. June begged her parents to let her go to high school in the U.S.–all by herself.

June’s parents were able to send her to a prestigious private school in Florida. Once June got to Florida, she flourished. June carried a 4.19 GPA with a challenging course load and scored well on her SAT.

But more important than her excellent academic performance were the experiences June created for herself in high school. Once June got to Florida, Ivy Insight helped her to pursue her interests in business and entrepreneurship by supporting June in her founding of a business and entrepreneurship club. This club required her to learn and utilize skills in website design, fundraising, and organizational leadership. June also participated in a prestigious summer business program, where she honed her skills in business planning and presentation. Through her participation in these endeavors, June acquired important entrepreneurial skills such as financial management, sponsorship, and peer leadership.

June was a positive force for her high school’s community spirit. She was entrusted with many leadership roles and responsibilities. These opportunities positioned her to compete for admission against students with higher grades and standardized test results.

To overcome her lower test scores and grades, June needed guidance on constructing a powerful essay and resume that would highlight her experiences and accomplishments outside of her academics. She needed to make a powerful statement about who she was and why she deserved admission to her dream school.

Thanks to Ivy Insight’s support with helping June craft her narrative, she s currently embarking on an adventurous World Bachelors of Business Program at USC. USC’s World Bachelor’s in Business program is an elite global academic business program affiliated with USC, Bocconi University in Milan, and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. June wants to be a global entrepreneur one day, so she chose a fitting global experience for college.

Through her dedication to her pursuits and a strong sense of personal discipline, June was able to create a portfolio that made her stand out in the application process. While she was rejected from several colleges, June was admitted into the exact right program for her: the USC World Bachelors in Business. We can learn a lot from June’s example.

With the help of the Ivy Insight team, June inspired the admissions officers and they paid attention to her. She did not tell them about all the wonderful things she will do in the future once they let her into their school, she showed them all the ways she was making an impact now. With our support, everything worked out brilliantly– the program that she was accepted to was practically tailor-made for her!