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Dr. Aviva Legatt, founder of Ivy Insight, is the author of Get Real and Get In (St. Martin’s Press, 2021), which was written to transform the way that students and families view their college admissions journey; from a series of box-checking exercises to the belief that this journey can be both empowering and inspiring.

At Ivy Insight, our consulting and coaching philosophy is grounded in this belief, which is based on Dr. Legatt’s Ivy League admissions experience, higher education expertise, and extensive interviews with thought leaders like Adam Grant, Henry Louis Gates Jr. and Dorie Clark. The evidence is clear: the best way for students to gain results and success in this college application process (and in life) is by bettering themselves uniquely and by using their talents to impact their surrounding communities.

At Ivy Insight, we call this process of helping your child to discover and amplify their talents as developing the College Admissions X-Factor™, which helps your child to develop expertise and to make an exponential impact in 1-2 specific areas while targeting the best-fit colleges and majors.

For the college application process, what separates Ivy Insight from other firms is our unique Insight To Acceptance™ method, which includes intensive mentorship, strategic major selection, and hands-on application management. Our proven process maximizes the best predictors of college acceptance, while supporting the student and family to achieve their greatest potential. We fully guide you through the college application process, including essay brainstorming, outlining, and editing . We are accessible to answer questions about the process as they arise.


As a result, our students experience enviable acceptance rates. Along with their parents, they experience clarity, guidance, ease, and support throughout this high-stakes journey.

The value we add at Ivy Insight is lifelong.

We help young people become people who they are proud to be. 

We help parents gain more time and energy during the hectic teen years.

We partner with the whole family to facilitate success in college admissions and in life.

Don’t go this alone.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Your History of Success?

We over 15 years of experience helping students gain admission to at least one of their top choice colleges, including Yale, Stanford, Penn, UC Berkeley, Duke, Cornell and more. Our signature College Admissions X-Factor™ mentoring helps your child to become the most competitive applicant possible.

All of our college admissions consultants have admissions experience at highly selective universities and hold doctorates (or ABD). Your success is our success. We will work diligently beside you and get a deep understanding of your goals so that you and your application process can benefit.

How Is Your Approach Different?

With our proprietary Insight to Acceptance™ process, we provide you with an authentic, informed, and competitive pathway to enter your top-choice colleges.

We accomplish this through our tailored programs and collaboration with the entire family unit.

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