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“With years of experience, Dr. Legatt has helped us formulate college application strategy, writing effective resume and stand out college essay, as well as building relationships with admission officers. The 5 session boot camp has effectively guided us on how to build a strong profile to stand out for admission to elite schools. With Dr. Legatt’s help and guidance, we have been able to focus on the right things through each stage of the college application process armed with the critical information.”

– Parent of Applicant, Class of 2021

“Dr. Legatt has been an amazing help throughout the difficult college process. Her expertise and careful review made my application resonate perfectly with the school that I am applying to. Her quick response and supportive attitude has made everything about this experience smooth and gratifying. I urge anyone striving to make their application outstanding to take full advantage of Dr. Legatt’s knowledge and judgement. Thank you Dr. Legatt!”

– Student, Class of 2021

“Thank you so much for putting so much effort and time into correcting the essays and being so kind and patient with all those phone calls helping me think of ideas. I am so lucky to have you as my instructor and I really could not have done it without you. In this process I have also improved so much with my writing in general learning from your edits and comments. I can’t say thank you enough times.”

– Northwestern Undergrad

“Dr. Aviva was a superb counselor- timely reply, very patient, and kind. She shared complete information, ideas, rationale and encouragement on my essays. You can discuss any idea with her. I feel the most valuable is when she guides me to think deeper, to explore my own interest. When needed, she used her contacts to get real and reliable information, provided timely feedback to me, and ensured that everything was correct. Going step by step with Aviva makes me feel at ease, even very motivated. Thanks to Aviva’s help, I am excited to attend Bryn Mawr College next year! I am full of thanks and moved. Very highly recommended!”

– Bryn Mawr College, Class of 2020

“With SAT scores around the 25th percentile of admitted students for Penn, I thought Wharton was a reach. However, with the help of Dr. Aviva I was able to refine my personal statement, supplement essay, and resume. I am now a proud member of the Wharton Undergraduate Class of 2021! Dr. Aviva was extremely responsive, insightful, and gracious through this process. She guided me in putting my best foot forward in my application and I could not be happier with my result. Thank you so much Dr. Aviva, you’re the best!”

– Wharton Undergrad

“Dr. Legatt was phenomenal in guiding me through the college application process. Through our frequent video calls and correspondence, Dr. Legatt helped to draw out amazing essay topics that encapsulated my identity and strengths in the best way possible. She kept me on track and made sure I had everything done before the deadlines, relieving a lot of my stress. She is quick with her essay edits and provided tons of feedback to help make sure my answers were as detailed and informative as possible. Her abundant essay and interview resources along with her deep knowledge about the college admissions process significantly strengthened my college materials and ultimately helped me get into my dream college.”

– Wharton Undergraduate

It has been a pleasure working with you this fall on my child’s college admissions. I interviewed six college admissions companies before we spoke and knew right away that you were the best fit for my child right away. I know my child truly feels the same. You really helped to highlight all the aspects of her application and take everything to the next level. We are all so relieved, and my child is overjoyed, about her admission to Dartmouth. I feel good about it knowing she is so excited and truly feels that it is the right place for her.

– Parent of Dartmouth Admit

“Working with Dr. Aviva allowed our son to focus on his passions and his strengths to develop a comprehensive list of schools (safety, just right and reach) that matched his interests.  Given that he was applying to schools during 2021 when you could not even visit schools, this made the task even harder. Her knowledge of the different schools and what they value was invaluable.  With this help, my son is a first-year student at the University of Chicago, his first choice school. Thank you again for all of your help –  he is thrilled with UChicago and you really helped him find the perfect school.”

– Parent, Class of 2026

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Dr. Legatt helped me tremendously in the college admissions process!
Without her help, I wouldn’t have been able to get accepted to my dream school. She is beyond experienced and knowledgeable about everything that students need to know to get into their top schools. She is also very patient and kind. From the start, Dr. Legatt looked through parts of my application and gave me very insightful feedback. She gave me detail-oriented advice, and pointed out things I certainly couldn’t have improved on my own. She gave me very helpful feedback on my personal essay and supplement with constant rounds of edits that were very thorough. Dr. Legatt really helped me highlight my strengths. She is an amazing expert and I would recommend her services to anyone. Thank you so much Dr. Legatt!

– Wharton Undergrad

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Duke University
Emory University
George Washington University
Harvard University
Indiana University
Imperial College of London
Johns Hopkins
Kenyon College
London School of Economics
New York University, Stern School of Business
Northeastern University
Northwestern University   
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Pitzer College
Princeton University
Stanford University
Tufts University
University of California, Berkeley (UCB)
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University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
University of Notre Dame, Mendoza
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
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University of Southern California (USC)
University of St. Andrews
University of Texas, Austin
University of Toronto
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