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Executive Function and Academic Coaching

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Tailor-Fit Strategic X-Factor™ Plan

Executive functions have been found to be the leading indicator of long term success.

Since you’ve worked hard to secure your college placement of choice, make sure your transition is a smooth and successful one by organizing your college application and your academic work.

Dr. Aviva Legatt will provide the stepping stone and guidance along the way to prepare you for your college application, complete with a tailor-fit Strategic X-Factor™ Plan and customized college list.

Included in the Executive Function Skills Program:

  • X-Factor™ Strategic Plan  

  • Customized Data-Driven College List 

  • Time and Priority Management to Achieve Your Academic and College Goals on a Fixed or Ongoing Basis 

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What are executive function skills

and why do they matter?


The Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University describes executive functions and their sibling, self-regulation as “skills are like an air traffic control system in the brain—they help us manage information, make decisions, and plan ahead. We need these skills at every stage of life, and while no one is born with them, we are all born with the potential to develop them.”  Executive functions are the ability to plan and execute, delay gratification and set and achieve goals.  Recognizing this as key to individual achievement, Ivy Insight offers executive functioning coaching.  Here are some specific abilities that fall under the category of executive functions. 

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Here are some specific abilities that fall under the category of executive functions.

  • Plan and Prioritize
  • Organize time and tasks
  • Task Initiation 
  • Processing Speed
  • Self Advocacy
  • Self Monitoring
  • Focusing, Sustaining and Shifting Attention
  • Managing Frustration
  • Self Regulation/control
  • Perspective taking
  • Regulating Alertness
  • Modulating Emotion
  • Mental flexibility
  • Working memory
  • Sustaining Effort
  • Self-Regulating Action
Frequently Asked Questions
How does the process work?

How it works:

  1. Sign up for the Executive Function Skills Program
  2. Hold a brief call to gather details of the program and schedule your VIP Strategic X-Factor™ Session with Dr. Legatt
  3. Select the time period to start this program and submit your intake questionnaire(s)
  4. Meet with Dr. Aviva for your VIP Strategic X-Factor™ Session
  5. Initial review of Common Application
  6. Strategic Plan review and introduction of executive function skills consultant, via email 
  7. Meet with an executive function skills consultant and continue with the program.
How do I know if my child needs executive function coaching?

Because executive function skills develop over time, becoming more nuanced and more sophisticated as children grow older, it’s important for those supporting executive function development to calibrate expectations to the student’s developmental levels.

Who is Ivy Insight's executive function skills consulting team?

Ivy Insight’s executive function skills consultant team is made up of those who have a track record of excellence in helping others achieve success through their assessment and implementation of managing information, making decisions, and planning ahead.

What is included in the VIP Strategy Session with Dr. Legatt?

The one-time VIP Strategic Session with Dr. Aviva Legatt will be scheduled at your convenience. Prior to the session, we will request the completion of the questionnaire, Common Application credentials, and any additional resources, if applicable. After the conclusion of the session, a strategic plan will be emailed to you along with other information to move you forward to the Executive Function Skills Program portion of your package. 

What does a sample college school list report look like?

During the strategic planning portion of this process, you’ll be pleased to have a personalized data-driven college school list, coupled with your selected major, that truly provides an accurate report to showcase your school options. To view an example of a personalized college school list report, download this PDF sample

Am I too late to intervene for my child?

There is no “right” or “wrong” time for executive function coaching. If a child is struggling to master these skills at a developmentally appropriate level, it may be worth evaluating their skills against neurotypical benchmarks.

Can I, as the parent, teach my child these skills?

While some parents are effective at helping their children build and strengthen executive function, adolescents can often be resistant to parental assistance because they want to exert more independence and make decisions with minimal or no parental input. Working with an executive function coach can help ease tensions in the parent-child relationship by allowing the child to work on important skills with a trained third party who will afford them sufficient agency in deciding how they work together to build, improve, and strengthen executive function skills.

Where can I receive more information?

Contact Ivy Insight by email: info@ivyinsight.com We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

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