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College Admissions X-Factor™ Programs

Diamond Program

This tailor-fit program is designed to provide you with a strategic acceptance plan, structured timeline, and targeted coaching to maximize your time and profile-building opportunities. We mentor you to discover, refine and leverage your College Admissions X-Factor™ and fully guide you through the college application process, including essay brainstorming, outlining, and editing and provide done-for-you resume and activity lists. 

Emerging Leader Program

A special 2-month program for you to complete an original research project with guidance from one of of 95+ professors from top-tier universities. Our Emerging Leader Program gives you that edge in matching you to an in-depth project that boosts your X-Factor (comprised of eXperience, eXpertise, and eXponentialism). You’ll gain incredible access to one-to-one mentorship. Most importantly, this experience is designed to help you create value in the world while maximizing your success.

VIP Admissions Insight Session

A meeting with Dr. Aviva Legatt, founder, author and elite college admissions expert, that is designed to provide you with a strategic acceptance plan and tailored guidance that enables your greatest potential results.You will connect with Dr. Legatt to get her insight into your admissions candidacy through an in-depth discussion via Zoom. She will also discuss the next steps to move you forward in your journey.

College Admissions Bootcamp

Dr. Legatt’s unique blend of calm, but firm, leadership and guidance will help you navigate the college admissions process. You will be able to complete the Bootcamp courses at your own pace and receive lifetime access to the material. Craft an application that will help you to differentiate your candidacy.

Ultimate College Admission Template Bundle

Gain lifetime access to Dr. Legatt’s coveted collection of college application templates needed for this process. 

Test Prep and Tutoring

Maximize your success through tutoring or standardized testing. Tutors thoroughly cover every topic for your child’s exam as well as handling the emotional and psychological sides of taking an exam.

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