Let’s talk about the value of uniqueness.

Today’s students are often laser-focused on standards – metrics for success. GPAs and SATs. Percentile work. All of that is incredibly important, but there’s another thing that’s also important, not only in college admissions, but in your life and career trajectory going forward.

That’s uniqueness. It’s what makes you tick – it what makes you sing.

Families that cultivate this uniqueness in their budding scholars are often better positions to take advantage of all of the resources and programs that we offer to help their students succeed for the future.

At Ivy Insight, we are a top-class Ivy League admissions consulting service that provides counsel and resources for high-net-worth families wanting to give their student every benefit possible in today’s admissions world.

One thing that we talk about when we consult on personalized student game plans is the uniqueness of each student and what he or she has to offer – his or her drive and passion, and what he or she has chosen to focus on as the family builds that road map and strategy for long-term success. It’s important to spend time on those things: to not just approach admissions as a “gate-keeping” process, but to explore it as an opportunity for that individual student to make his or her mark on the world. In fact, that’s part of why more admissions boards have taken an approach toward exploring the individual’s academic and personal drive – because it’s part of bringing our educational system into the twenty-first century. More and more, the personal initiative is becoming a core part of a career and excellence in any field.

Ivy Jewel Program

Check out our Ivy Jewel program, where Dr. Aviva Legatt goes over some of this value of providing unique life experiences, skills and passions in a college admissions strategy. Here’s how we describe the program on the web site: “The Ivy Jewel program mentors students through the complexities of establishing an authentic and distinguishing ‘jewel” that captures the attention of the admissions board.”

We describe how this principle works in our specialized and personalized programs, because we know that it’s a significant component of that success that we help families bring to the table. For a tried and tested approach to admissions and your student’s collegiate life, get connected with Dr. Aviva Legatt at Ivy Insight to move forward with confidence and put your young learner on a track to success with your own personal road map to college acceptance.

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