At Ivy Insight, we like to talk about what separates us from other admissions consulting companies.


Part of it is our philosophy and our vision for families, but we also have established credentials and experience that make our programs unique.


When you start getting familiar with Dr. Aviva Legatt’s Ivy Insight business and its work, you see why so many elite admissions efforts center on the capability and track record of our programs. We bring excellence to the idea that you can springboard your child’s academic career in an appropriate, legal and ethical way – by building a road map that depends on your young one’s initiative and ability to learn.


A Range of Programs


One of our strengths is the range of programs that we operate. In addition to our Insight to Acceptance program, which is an overall comprehensive option, we have specialty programs like the Emerging Leader program and College Application Boot Camp that accomplish their own targeted objectives. Talk to us more about this to see which option is right for your student.


All of this helps our families to succeed in their mission to help a young student get the best admissions results possible.


The Whole Admissions Life Cycle


Read more about our Insight to Acceptance program, and you’ll see how it covers every  aspect of the admissions life cycle, from the very first preparations to the final push for acceptance. You’ll see why it’s important, and why that has led to our 95.6% acceptance rate over 15 years in the business. We have designed this program to assist through every stage of what can be a complex process. That’s important, because an admissions path is, in many ways, very much a journey, albeit one that starts with a single step.


Modern Admissions Consulting: Fitting Our Times


Another important aspect of our programs is Dr. Legatt’s experience in both the traditional and modern digital education worlds. Her experience at the University of Pennsylvania, and also as a faculty member of Coursera, means that there’s the ability to understand and navigate both sides of what you might call a “blended learning” admissions environment. Traditional schools are still important, but so are the modern digital and remote learning processes. Put these two together for results that will take your student where he or she needs to go, to open doors and achieve more with a consulting approach to an academic career. Early intervention and aid can do a lot over time! Read up for more on our winning programs and what we offer our families.