It’s a question that we encounter on a regular basis: our students and parents want to make the best choices and get the right options for their families.

We help to consult on all sorts of academic affairs. Our staff is knowledgeable and experienced in helping students to pick schools, and we bring tools to the table to help evaluate every option, as part of the process of getting students where they need to go.

Ivy League Reputations

When it comes to the big Ivy League schools, each one has its own interesting and historic reputation as a center of learning.

Some are known for focusing on certain kinds of learning. For instance, we know from an abundance of references and narratives that Columbia is ‘the place to go’ for journalism, and Cornell is well-known for engineering programs.

Other schools, like Dartmouth, are often chosen for their unique characteristics – as a small, secluded school in a beautiful New Hampshire environment, Dartmouth combines its competitive programs with a chance to learn in a specific way, away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Other top Ivy League schools like Harvard, Yale, and Princeton really need no introduction, and often rest on their impressive and stately histories as top schools. On the other hand, a school like the University of Pennsylvania sometimes doesn’t get the recognition it deserves as a sort of a dark horse in the Ivy League community. A school like Harvard might be right for some student, but not a good fit for another, and to really find out, it’s important to take a deeper look at the individual student’s track record, key interests, and goals and objectives.

Consulting on an Individual Basis

Aside from all of this, the bottom line is that it takes individual analysis and consideration to figure out which Ivy League school is best for your student. Rather than going with a school only according to general research and reputation, it helps to do detailed analysis and find the right place for your child to broaden his or her horizons.

Our Expertise

Dr. Aviva Legatt routinely holds speaking engagements and writes about the admissions process. Our office offers ambitious families the best way to approach admissions – rather than trying to ‘game the system,’ our clients rely on our networking and knowledge of the Ivy League to advance their students in the best ways. Ask us about what we have been able to do for others in the past, and how we approach admissions as a practical concern.

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