For the class of 2021, the eight Ivy League schools, including Yale, Princeton, the University of Pennsylvania, Harvard, Dartmouth, Cornell, Columbia, and Brown, had a sum of 281,060 applicants. Less than 10 percent of these applicants got admission offers. Of all, the lowest acceptance rate is Harvard, with about 5 percent. As such, it is indeed a clear achievement to get into an Ivy League school. So, how do you get into an Ivy League school?

Good Test Scores and Good Grades

Your journey into any Ivy begins with the requirement of stellar test scores and grades. As mentioned by The National Association for College Admission Counseling, these two are the essential factors you will need. Thus, it’s helpful to choose your passionate course. The most critical factor for your admission is grades and also course rigor. Some of the things schools look at is to know you’re challenging yourself and also succeeding. Your test scores are also crucial. Unless you fill an institutional need for the school or have other achievements that help you stand out, you will be sent right to the “no” pile if you lack scores in line with the Ivy standards.

Stick to Your Passion

It’s critical to know why you get out of some activities or choose to do them if you are doing academic clubs, community service, athletics, or anything else. Do you know anything about discipline, teamwork, leadership, time management skills? What are the things that have shaped your growth, or what skills will you bring to the school? If you focus on a few core interests for all four years of your high school careers, you’re a specialist that Ivies will be willing to admit. Therefore, instead of joining a bunch of random clubs that you don’t care about, you need to focus on what you love since admission readers can see through that.

A Great Personality

One of the things that can solidify your admission at an Ivy League school is being kind. Schools will only admit good people that want to give back. Do you know you can get admission into a school through a letter of recommendation? You can get recommended for cleaning up after other students or helping with menial tasks like turning off the lights in empty rooms. However, don’t think it feels right to do it to get into an Ivy League school.

A Good Essay Goes a Long Way

Though the other place is the interview, one of the only two places where you can tell a school about yourself is through the essay. It’s vital to be yourself and show what is important to you and also your passion. Know that the best essays are the simplest. As such, please keep it simple.

Let Ivy Insight Help You

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