Your Differentiating Factor Through Your College Application

Dr. Aviva Legatt in the webinar series: Uncovering Your X-Factor™ Application Theme. She discusses how to identify and highlight your college application differentiating factor. 

September 28, 2022

Dr. Aviva provided us with some invaluable tips that you may not be aware of. The key take-away from the webinar is steps to identifying your X-factor™ theme:

Key Steps for identifying and highlighting your college admission differentiating factor

  1. Identify your major

    We can help you identify less popular majors that are authentic to your experiences while enhancing your competitiveness. This is the first step in uncovering your college application differentiating factor.

  2. Determine your large social impact mission

    What’s your purpose on this planet? That’s ultimately what admissions officers want to understand –and why that college helps you to achieve that purpose. For example, maybe you want to create better access to healthcare; decrease political polarization; or reduce economic inequality. Whatever that purpose is, make sure it’s in your actions (profile-building opportunities) as well as in your (application) words!

  3. Select profile-building opportunities

    Select the profile-building opportunities that align with your major and your social impact, across academic, extracurricular and intellectual pursuits outside of the classroom. This elevates your X-Factor™, allowing you to achieve that beautifully unique differentiator of your expertise and exponential impact.

  4. Reach out to college representatives

    Reach out to college representatives, including students, faculty, administrators, and alumni to understand how you can accomplish your social impact, academic, extracurricular, and intellectual goals on their campus.

Tips for differentiating yourself for the college admissions process

When you apply, reference your demonstrated experience (profile-building opportunities) and connections (made via visits and/or profile-building opportunities) to give admissions a clear picture about who you are, what you have to offer, and what role the college serves in you meeting your larger social impact mission.

Dr. Aviva dove into why an X-Factor™ is so important to identify and highlight your differentiating factor throughout your college applications. We hope that the Uncover Your X-Factor™ Application Theme Webinar was just what was needed to inspire you to unearth yours!