Marti Miles-Rosenfield on Helping Your Child Thrive During COVID-19

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Welcome to College Admissions in the Era of COVID-19 Virtual Summit! On today’s episode, we give you a glimpse into Dr. Legatt’s conversation with Marti Miles-Rosenfield.


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I’m really pleased to welcome our next speaker. So Marti Miles-Rosenfield is the founder and director at College Strong. She has a foundation in hired program assessment, curriculum development and team building. Her program, College Strong promotes a successful and smooth transition for high school seniors or returning students as they begin their freshman year college in the online course, which we have some to give away. Prepare students for the full College experience by teaching academic the study skills. And today, Marty and I are going to be talking about holding your child thrive during COVID-19. Welcome, Marti! 

MMR: Hi. Good to see you. 

AL: Good to see you, too. So I know I’ve just told the audience a little bit about you and your work. I’d love to hear from you in your own words. Tell us a little bit about what you do and what brought you to doing that. 

MMR: What I do is try to help students start strong and finish strong. After doing a little bit of research about why students were dropping out of school, my department and I, when I was still teaching full time, figured out that it was because not because of academic challenges, but because of noncognitive factors. Simply put, life gets in the way. And by helping these students understand what their potential challenges will be and there will be challenges. I mean, it’s like, “Oh, go to college and just have a great time and study hard and get your degree”. Well, no, I mean, whatever challenges we might have faced when we were in college, those are about tenfold right now. It’s the most vulnerable group of young people I’ve ever seen. They’re frail. A lot of them are frail and just kind of panicked about what’s going on with COVID and just life in general. I mean, it’s been a tough year. So College Strong I developed even before this because I saw students really kind of coming undone a little bit with anxiety and ability to juggle all the things they had to juggle. My population of students were more often than not working along with trying to do their college work, and they just became overwhelmed. And so I saw them drop. I try to keep them. And it became a real push for me, especially when there were national challenges for Complete College America and institutions like that that like to say, “Okay, you’re going to finish in 4. Take 15 hours every semester and you’re going to finish in 4”. It decreases the amount of money that you may have to borrow and do it. people were getting a little bit more uptight. So social emotional skills is something that I help students work on and just to try to calm themselves down to get through this because there’s pressure coming from a lot of different directions. 

AL: Thanks for sharing that. And yes, this is something that we’ve noticed a lot. There was a study in Making Caring Common that just came out in February. I cited It in one of my recent for articles about how students can stay mentally strong and it is so difficult. We do have things that come up right that get in the way. So I’d be curious to hear from you. What are some ways that people can sort of make the best of the situation that we’re finding ourselves in? 

MMR: Well, one is to realize first and foremost, this is temporary. It’s a temporary situation. Young people don’t have the benefit of having years of experience that many of us have and know that when, you know, bad stuff happens, it will eventually ride itself and things will get back to normal. So a lot of them really don’t. They kind of have a fatalistic view because they’ve lost so much. They’ve lost prom and maybe graduation and extracurricular activities. So here they are and they find themselves in this situation. I would like to use the word thrive because that’s a great word and maybe a little ambitious for this year. But they can certainly thrive where they are.

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