College Admissions Summit Preview (Marti Miles-Rosenfield, Marie Schwartz)

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In today’s episode of “College Admissions Real Talk”, Dr. Legatt gives you a preview of her virtual summit “College Admissions In the Era of COVID-19” happening March 23-24. One by one, she’ll introduce each one of her speakers, so stay tuned this week to hear about all the events happening at this virtual summit.




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AL: Welcome to College Admissions Real Talk. This is Dr. Aviva Legatt, founder and Elite Admissions Expert at Ivy Insight and author of “Get Real and Get In”. I’m very excited to bring you this series of episodes this week to talk all about our virtual summit: College Admissions in the Era of COVID-19. I want you to get a sneak preview and some insider information before you come to the summit. To sign up for our summit, which is free of charge, go to collegeadmissionssummit.com or ivyinsight.com/virtual-summit. 


Our next speaker is Marti Miles-Rosenfeld. Marti and I are going to be talking about helping your child to thrive during COVID-19. Marti Miles-Rosenfeld is the founder and Director of College Strong. She has incredible experience in higher ed, program assessment, curriculum development, and team building. Her organization, College Strong, is set up to promote a successful and smooth transition for high school seniors or returning students as they begin their freshman year of college. She has an online course for the full college experience by teaching academic study skills as well as soft skills. So Marti and I are going to talk about ways that your child can thrive during these challenging times. We’re going to talk about struggles. Parents bring your questions about how you might support your children and how you can help them to develop themselves. Despite the limitations that are happening now, they’ll bring any questions, and we’ll be glad to provide some support. Our last fireside chat is with Marie Schwartz. Marie Schwartz is the CEO at Teen Life Media. Marie believes that teens need to get out from under the hovering as a parent, teacher and coaches and have safe ways to develop the grit and resilience they will need in college and beyond. Marie is an incredible expert on all the different kinds of opportunities out there for teens during COVID-19. So we’re going to talk about some of the benefits and advantages of these kinds of opportunities, what opportunities students are attending to seek during this time, how to evaluate programs for the best fit, and the best ways to search for these kinds of programs. So certainly as your child and you are looking to have an enriching experience, perhaps the summer and, of course, beyond. Marie will be a great resource for your question. So with that, that’s the preview of all of our core speakers. I also anticipate we might have some special surprise guests.

If you purchase a VIP pass, we’re going to do a special invite-only Q&A on the Wednesday, the second day of the summit, which is Wednesday, March 24th. We’re also going to have a fun speakers lounge on Thursday, the 25th at 12 Eastern. All the times I gave, by the way, are in Eastern time. So if you are on Club House, you can follow me @avivalegatt. If you need invite to Club House sign up for the summit and purchase a VIP pass. If you do those things, we will be able to get you an invite to club house for the speaker’s lounge, as well as some great bonuses, like my college application templates and a special Q&A session that’s exclusive for VIP members on Wednesday, the 24th. Until next time. 

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