The Ivy League is, in some ways, a community like any other. Some might call it a “club,” but that seems a little pejorative, and it doesn’t really represent an accurate picture when it comes to these institutions that have maintained their role in the American economy and society for so long.

At Ivy Insight, we help families to interact with these institutions in appropriate and beneficial ways. Here are some of the principles that we hold to, and recommendations that we often make to our clients.

Establishing Your Student’s Credentials

Having a set of competitive GPA and SAT scores in hand is the foundation that all other efforts are based on when it comes to admissions – obviously.

Establishing these bona fides gives the student a sense of confidence, and it also introduces a competitive advantage that’s hard to beat. Those who are sensitive to the subject of meritocracy will understand the importance of having decent numbers in hand when approaching Ivy League institutions. There’s a sense of “playing by the rules” and achieving that absolutely factors into admissions, and directs the relationship-building that goes on in this context.

The Power of Networking

In addition to putting in the academic work, networking is also critically important.

We like to say that admissions success is often built on relationships, in addition to strategy – and that in some ways, relationships can supersede a lot of other types of variables. With that in mind, there are many ways to establish these relationships without exposing your family to even the appearance of improper advantage or conflict of interest.

We will explain this in more detail in each individual case, but networking often goes a long way. It’s in the student’s best interest to get out and talk to others from different areas of the academic world – because if they can’t see you and your achievements, you’re not likely to get the visibility that is so important in this context.

Avoiding Impropriety

The college cheating scandal has been plastered all over the media for months.

At our website, we have an instructive video in which Dr. Aviva Legatt that talks about the right way to approach admissions, and how these sad cases are avoidable. Improper admissions practices have roiled the academic world lately, but they are not the norm.

Our principle is that hard work will accomplish these successful admissions relationships without families having to resort to devious tactics or situations that look like quid pro quos. Call us to talk about what’s in the best interest of your young student, and let’s have a reflective discussion about what it means to approach admissions the right way in a way that reflects the value that we hold dear.

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