How To Support Your Anxious Teen

Dr. Aviva Legatt features Sami Halvorsen, a Teen Life Coach in this webinar interview and discusses ways to support your anxious teen.

January 18, 2023

Anxious Teens Need Our Support

Dr. Aviva and Sami Halvorsen discuss how anxiety is playing such a large role in our teens’ lives and how to better support them. Learning more and addressing the needs of our teens is a crucial factor in their success through high school to college, eventually their careers, and ultimately their life goals.

Highlights from the Interview: Why Anxiety Wreaks Havoc on Today’s Teens and What To Do About It

  • How anxiety affects today’s teens.
  • How anxiety intersects with the college admissions process.
  • Example of best practices for managing anxiety during the college admissions process.
  • Real stories of teens who have successfully managed anxiety.
  • And more…

Being more involved and educated about the mental health of your student is a topic worth exploring and sharing again and again. All the fears, feelings of being uncomfortable, the social media world and all the negative effects that it brings into our teens live are all so concentrated and always coming at our teens. They need to have better tools and skill to handle what they are bombarded with daily to navigate through thier lives, especially because their brains are still developing. 

Course Suggestion

Sami’s course, Wreck Your Anxiety Course, helps you discover the keys to helping your teen gain coping skills to overcome anxiety.​ Begin this year right with goals to achieve better mental health for you and your family!

To find out more about support for anxious teens or the programs we have to offer, or learn how to better prepare for your child for college application submissions with guidance from Dr. Aviva Legatt, connect with us at Ivy Insight.