Students across the world are receiving the results of early decisions from Ivy League colleges. Some receive their acceptance letter, but many others are hanging onto the possibilities of acceptance with a deferral. What being deferred means is that the college will consider the application during their regular decision. If your student is disappointed they’ve been deferred by the college of their dreams, there are things you can do to influence the decision of the college. We have a few of our favorite tips for you to focus on while you wait:

  • Focus on one school.

If you’ve received more than one deferral, you need to focus on only one school. So, it’s important to figure out which school is your top choice. Receiving a deferral gives you the chance to assess whether this college is at the top of your list. Once you’ve decided which college to focus on, you can focus all your time and energy on them. Otherwise, you risk of stretching yourself too thin.

  • Write a deferral letter.

The first thing you want to do is let the college know of your continued interest. In the letter, make sure they understand that you will accept the offer and enroll in the college if you are admitted during their regular decision round. If you are still open to other colleges, let the school know if they are still your top choice. Next, remind them of how their school fits your needs, both academically and personally. Your letter is also a way to showcase any new accomplishments you’ve achieved in and out of school. Focus on staying positive in the letter.

  • Send any additional letters of recommendation.

Although we cannot guarantee that the college will read any additional letters of recommendation, we know that it will not hurt your chances. If there are any teachers during your senior year that you think can add new information about you, have them write a letter for your application file. Seek out anyone outside your school as well, such as an employer, who can speak directly to your strengths. It’s especially helpful if anything in your life has changed since you last applied to the college.

You are not alone if an Ivy League college has deferred you. Many students who apply for an early decision will be deferred, and many are accepted to the college during the college’s regular decision. With these tips, you can take control and get the acceptance you’ve been wanting. Want any extra help getting into the school of your dreams? Contact us at Ivy Insight to achieve your dream.

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