Executive Function Coaching Makes a Difference

Dr. Aviva Legatt features Kate Fisher, Director of School Partnership & Tutor at Inspirica Pros in this webinar interview: What I Wish I Knew In High School.

May 18, 2022

Dr. Aviva Legatt and Kate Fisher discuss what steps students can take to prepare for success. As Kate ponders on her past high school years, she gives some key advice that she wishes she would have known while in high school:
  • Having a firmer grasp on the growth mindset and knowing that effort gets results, not raw ability.
  • A better sense of knowing that you are not alone in your feelings of internal angst and judgement.
  • Knowing that having stress and anxiety are not a badge of honor.

Together, Dr. Aviva and Kate also explored executive function coaching, defining what it is and who benefits from it. As an Executive Function Coach, Kate takes us through the 6 different categories of executive functions and how developing these life-long skills can lead to success.

Author: mandee