What Do You Need From College

Below is a list of needs your future college could meet for you. Beside each item, rank it on a scale of 1 to 4. 1=non-negotiable, 2=important, 3=semi-important, 4-unimportant.

  • Long distance from current home
  • Friends from high school will be there
  • Internship opportunities in my future career
  • Politically engaged student body
  • Near nature, lots of outdoor activities
  • Affordable
  • Attractive program in my desired major
  • School with high “name brand” recognition, prestigious
  • Good sorority/fraternity scene
  • Beautiful environment
  • Cool college town, lots of off-campus opportunities
  • Strong study abroad program
  • Strong religious affiliation/spiritual opportunities
  • Strong alumni network

This list is by no means comprehensive. You may have a completely different set of priorities than the ones listed here. The point is this: the sooner you get real about what your needs are, the sooner you can cross schools from your list that don’t meet them. You’re the one going to college; you’re the boss of your experience.