This Week on College Admissions Real Talk (Week of 2/8)

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I’m a Junior And Don’t Have Any Extracurriculars Yet, Is It Too Late To Start‪?‬ 

Is it too late to start extracurriculars as a Junior? Of course not, but make sure you pick the right ones! In this episode I’ll share how to follow your curiosity to the perfect “College Admissions X-Factor” extracurricular.


Should I Avoid Hot Button Items In My College Essa‪y‬?

If you wouldn’t bring it up at Thanksgiving, should you bring it up in your college essay? That depends. Listen to hear more about how to pull from your lived experience and make hot button issues work for you! 


2021 College Admissions Resource‪s‬

The effects of COVID-19 are being felt everywhere, including the traditional college admissions process. But don’t worry, I’ve got your back. Tune in to learn about some valuable resources that can help you make the most of this challenging time. 


Why Dream Schools are Like Bad Crushes and What To Do About I‪t‬

You think you’ve found your dream school, but is it true love or just infatuation? In this episode, I’ll show you how to ensure that you and your college are a perfect match. 


“Think Again” By Adam Grant – Lessons for College Admission‪s Hot take: getting into your dream school isn’t actually a goal. Using Adam Grant’s fantastic book, I’ll share how to “Think Again” about your college process so you can work toward improving yourself en route to your dream school. 


As you navigate the constantly changing world of college admissions during a pandemic, be sure to check out my recent Forbes article, Five College Admissions Trends for 2021.