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Set yourself apart from other high-achievers.

Think of the unique skills, characteristics, or activities that make you, you! The possibilities to showcase those are endless. BUT, not everyone has the guts to do a TEDx talk

Ivy Insight is pleased to introduce a new opportunity to help you stand out from the competitive crowd: From Blank Page to Stage: a TEDx Talk Program. After discovering your unique differentiator of expertise and exponential impact (“College Admissions X-Factor™”) you will transform your original ideas into a TEDx Talk. Giving a professional speech through this platform will allow you to make an exponential impact that will greatly enhance the visibility of your ideas.

Through Ivy Insight’s TEDx Talk Program you will gain expert advice through a 4-week workshop with 2x TEDx speaker and award-winning writer, Dr. Aviva Legatt

You need this crucial workshop to build your confidence and knowledge to take your idea from blank page to stage. Check off your bucket-list item of giving a TEDx talk.

  This TEDx workshop will cover the following: 


1. PREPARE. Generate your *idea worth spreading* in a supportive, feedback-rich environment.

2. PRE-WRITE. Draft your talk under the guidance of creative consultants. 

3. PITCH. Gain a highly coveted TEDx slot by getting your ideas in front of the right audience.

4. PERFORM. In TEDx talks, you are the medium and the message. Gain confidence with presentation skills and practice in front of a supportive audience.

About The Facilitator


Dr. Aviva Legatt, PCC is the author of Get Real and Get In (St. Martin’s Press), which was written to transform the way that students and families view their college admissions journey; from a series of box-checking and hoop-jumping exercises to the belief that this journey can be both empowering and inspiring. A 2x TEDx speaker and award-winning writer, Dr. Legatt is the coach you need to increase your visibility, boost your creativity, and enhance your credibility. 

Ivy Insight’s Blank Page to Stage: TEDx Talk Program

• Expert assistance for brainstorming, writing, pitching, and presentation
Professional, polished speech by the end of this workshop
Personal development through discovering your X-Factor
Next steps to achieve your success

Participant availability will determine scheduling. Seats are limited!

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Aviva Legatt, EdD | TEDxWilmingtonSalon

By the end of the program, you will have the necessary resources for writing, pitching and performing your TEDx Talk.

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