X-Factor Strategic Planning Program



This is a starter program for students and families seeking a roadmap for their college admissions process. It will include the following:

  1. Strategic Planning Session
  2. Debrief Program Session
  3. Bonus Session

X-Factor™ Strategic Planning Process

  1. Strategic Planning Session: During this session, you and Dr. Aviva will discuss your college goals. We will assess your intake information and specific questions can be submitted to Dr. Aviva prior to the session to pinpoint where to best focus your discussion. This session is designed to gain insight into your student’s goals and solidify them. After your session, Dr. Aviva will create a personalized Strategic Plan that includes majors, colleges, and profile-building opportunities.
  2. Debrief Program Session: Dr. Aviva will walk you through how to achieve your goals: a list of colleges and a strategic application plan highlighting your majors, steps to improve your candidacy, and a framework for your narrative direction.
  3. Bonus Session: This session date will be determined by you. Suggested use for this session may be any follow-up questions, check-in at a future set time.