Is your family stumped when it comes to creating the best strategy for promoting success in college admissions?


There’s no doubt that these are unusual times. Processes have changed in the face of Covid19, and the road map for academic success has changed a little bit, too.


That doesn’t mean that you can’t get excellent guidance in positioning your young student for success in whatever field he or she chooses to pursue. It just means it’s time to think outside the box, in a way. 


With that in mind, one of our flagship programs is our emerging leader program, which is essentially a concentrated short-term program to help someone with their overall academic presentation – you could call it a ‘boot camp’ of sorts, but that’s really only a surface description. The process of working with mentors and others to advance a detailed project plan provides great ballast for an eventual college application, one that is not only dependent on the usual factors like GPA and SAT score – because those things are somewhat distorted by coronavirus changes. 


New Strategies, New Environments


As Covid19 threatens our institutions and social structures, we’re having to get creative. That means that some of the traditional markers of success are harder to measure. For example, trying to fulfill academic requirements on Zoom often looks different than it does in person. Testing can be different, too.


This program has been a key way to help our students to stand out as they deal with the changes that have emerged during the pandemic.


The Ivy Insight Emerging Leader Program and the X Factor


Another part of the philosophy of this program rests on what we call the “X factor” – a combination of the applicant’s expertise, experience and exponentialism (broadly viewed, impact on the community). There are more details on this available on the website, but this threefold principle supports what we do to guide students toward eventual success.


A Boost For Your Career


The Ivy Insight emerging leader program is centered around creating your own short-term project and demonstrating specific types of skills and capabilities. It works on a remote model, and it also provides value far beyond those days of sending college applications in the mail, or trying to triangulate AP courses and SAT scores for an admissions result. 


A well-rounded career benefits from these types of experiences and achievements. Take a look online and see how the Ivy Insight programs that we offer support your student for the years to come.