Securing press coverage can be a game-changer for high school students, not only enhancing their college applications but also amplifying the reach of their initiatives. During an enlightening conversation with Sarah Hernholm, we explored dynamic strategies that can empower students to effectively navigate the media landscape. Here’s a deeper dive into our discussion:

Crafting a Clear and Honest Narrative for Press Coverage

Understanding why you seek press coverage is the first step in any media strategy. Sarah stressed the importance of clarity and honesty in your approach. Transparency isn’t just ethical; it fosters genuine connections with journalists, laying the groundwork for ongoing engagement. She advised students to consider how press coverage aligns with their long-term aspirations, ensuring that every media interaction furthers their academic and professional goals.

Fostering Meaningful Connections with Journalists

Building lasting relationships with the press requires more than just sending out pitches. Sarah underscored the value of respecting and appreciating journalists’ work. By engaging with their content and expressing gratitude, students can cultivate rapport and encourage more frequent coverage of their stories.

Personalization is key. Tailoring your pitches to resonate with specific reporters who cover relevant topics can significantly boost your chances of getting noticed. Effective research helps identify the right contacts, making your outreach efforts more targeted and impactful.

The ‘Gratitude Sandwich’ Pitch Technique

Sarah introduced a compelling strategy for structuring pitches: the ‘Gratitude Sandwich’. Start with a genuine thank-you, state your clear ask, and conclude with a promise to share any resulting coverage. This approach not only structures your communication effectively but also reinforces the value of mutual respect and support in media relationships.

Celebrating and Sharing Milestones

Acknowledging your successes publicly and involving your mentors and peers in these achievements creates a vibrant, supportive community. Sarah highlighted how sharing these moments can enhance your profile and attract more press interest over time.

Concluding Press Coverage Insights

  • Gratitude Sandwich: Starting with appreciation, followed by your request, and closing with a commitment to promote the coverage, cultivates lasting media relationships.
  • Purposeful Storytelling: Aligning your media efforts with your future ambitions ensures that each piece of coverage contributes meaningfully to your goals.
  • Authentic Engagement: Maintaining honesty in your communications builds trust and establishes a solid foundation for future interactions with the media.

For the full webinar interview with Dr. Aviva Legatt and Sarah Hernholm, click below:

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