This week, we’re bringing in depth, multi-part conversations with two incredible industry experts, all designed to help applicants and their parents navigate the ever-changing world of admissions during COVID-19. 

Monday’s episode is a continuation of my discussion with Ilana Raia, founder of Être, a mentoring that platform that allows girls to meet to meet high-profile female leaders face to face. In the final piece of our four-part discussion, Ilana shares what opportunities applicants can take advantage of during COVID. We went on to examine virtual internships, uncovering some surprising benefits of this new kind of opportunity. 

We’ve devoted the rest of the week to my conversation with my amazing colleague, Leslie Davidson. Leslie serves as Vice President for enrollment at Beloit College, and has so much insight to offer our listeners on the current state of college admissions. In parts one and two, Leslie gives a list of best practices in the form of questions that families can ask prospective colleges, covering everything from testing to communication to the community’s COVID response, and what you can learn about a school based on how they handled these unexpected challenges. Listen to these episodes before you finalize your options! 

In parts three and four, Leslie and I go through how to navigate what is an unprecedented year for admissions and enrollment, and how to make an informed decision despite widespread uncertainty. In part three, Leslie shares how students can shape a narrative of resilience and opportunity rather than one of disappointment or defeat, even in the face of adversity. Part four is all about how applicants are reacting; with some moving more quickly to secure their spots, and some holding back and taking longer than usual. Colleges need to be accepting of both demographics this year, and Leslie goes on to share how she and her colleagues at Beloit are making room for all groups to apply. National Decision Day happened on May 1, and with longer than ever college waitlists and a sense of the unknown looming over us, choosing a college is more difficult than ever. You might still be figuring it out! Check out  my latest piece in Forbes, for tips and strategies for students on how to pick a college during this unprecedented time.