In today’s episode of “College Admissions Real Talk”, Dr. Legatt talks about Peloton and how the company’s community can inform your high school and college career.

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VO: Welcome to College Admissions Real Talk with Dr. Aviva Legatt, a podcast for students seeking to get admitted to top-tier colleges. Each episode will feature an important tip for your college admission success, delivered with candor and love. If you’ve ever wanted to take a peek inside the mind of a college admissions officer, this is your chance. Have a question? Text Dr. Legatt at 610-222-5762. So, what’s your dream school? 

AL: Welcome to College Admissions Real Talk. This is Dr. Aviva Legatt, founder and Elite Admissions Expert at Ivy Insight and author of “Get Real and Get In”. Today, we’re going to be talking about lessons from Peloton for college admissions. Full disclosure, I’m a member of Peloton and a big fan. We all know the bike and company is not perfect as none of us are. There was of course, that unfortunate 2019 advertisement and subsequent PR nightmare. And today there have been widely reported issues with the company supply chain and they’re having trouble delivering the bikes when they say they will. So, flaws of Peloton aside, there’s a reason why the company and the bikes have been so widely embraced and celebrated during the pandemic. and there are many things that you can learn from Peloton’s success to embrace for yourself in order to be the best possible college applicant and to support yourself during this challenging time. Here are three things One, build a community. Peleton has been widely celebrated for its community. Everyone from Joe Biden, Hugh Jackman to your neighborhood stay-at-home mom have a bike. If you meet another person with a Peloton bike, you’ll automatically be able to have a conversation about your favorite instructor or your workout routine. Building a community is so important for you as a high school student. You need to find people who share your interests and collaborate with you to elevate causes you care about. Whether it’s the environment, mental health, or robotics, remember, your involvement will be so much more impactful when you have others to share your successes with. So if you’ve been thinking about building something during this challenging time, when you’re, perhaps, learning virtually or have limited in-person interactions with friends and classmates, think about how you can build a team and a community that’s virtual rather than take on all of the work yourself. Two, forge connection with others. As you know from your own experience and that of your friends, loneliness is at an all-time high, especially among teens. Peleton has done a great job removing some of that feeling of isolation through the connectedness of the bike. For example, you can video chat with friends while riding or join one of the official or unofficial Facebook groups devoted to instructors and different kinds of interests. During this challenging time, you can use this lesson to think about who you might surround yourself with that can lift you up personally as well as in your extracurricular activities. Even if it’s just a zoom call or video chat, and I know we’re all sick of those it’s still better than being alone. Other ideas that high school students are using include joining Clubhouse, which is an audio only app for iPhone. And there are online communities out there for Gen Z folks like yourself, including The Conversationalist, which is run by my friend Sophie Baron. Finally number three, grit through challenge to grow. Peloton workouts are not supposed to be easy. They’re designed to make you a stronger and better person in theory physically, emotionally and even spiritually but you can’t grow without facing challenges. During these COVID times, we’re gritting through so much challenge. You are not going to get through it by avoiding it or fighting it or wishing things were different. You’re going to get through it by making the most of what you can do despite what we can’t do right now. Thanks to technology, we are in the best possible position to make the best of these opportunities. So if you find me on Peloton, feel free to follow me @getrealandgetin. My workouts are not impressive; they’re short, but I do it consistently and I keep it up despite the challenges I may be facing. See you on the bike and in the podcast.

VO: College Admissions Real Talk is hosted by Aviva Legatt, edited by Stephanie Carlin, and produced by Incontrera Consulting. I’m Caroline Stokes and this has been your daily boost of college admissions insight. Have a question? Text Dr. Legatt at 610-222-5762. For more information on Dr. Legatt and Ivy Insight visit www.ivyinsight.com. And you can pick up Dr. Legatt’s book, “Get Real and Get In”, at major retail outlets across the world. Insight out.