Over 2 million students will start their freshman year at college in 2020. If you have worked hard and landed a spot at one of the eight Ivy League schools in America, you need to start preparing for your freshman year. While landing one of these highly coveted spots is an accomplishment in itself, you have to work hard to be deserving of this honor. The last thing you want to do is to go into your freshman year at an Ivy League school without a plan due to the problems this can cause.

Your main goal needs to be not only surviving your freshman year in college, but thriving as well. If you are looking for tips on how to make the most out of your freshman year at an Ivy League school, check out the information below.

Become Familiar With Your Academic Advisor

Choosing the right classes to take in your freshman year at college is harder than you think. If you aren’t sure about what your major will be, you need to be careful about what classes you enroll in. Most college freshmen are unsure about how to choose the right classes, which is why they generally seek out the guidance of an academic advisor. The role of an academic advisor is to help students figure out which courses are the best fit for their future goals and aspirations.

Throughout the course of your freshman year, you may feel the need to drop courses or restructure your class schedule. Allowing an academic advisor to guide you through these difficult decisions can help you avoid mistakes.

Good Grades Should Be At the Top of Your Priority List

Going away to college provides young adults with freedom like they have never experienced before. In some cases, this sense of freedom will lead to bad decision-making. Instead of staying out all night hanging with your new friends, you need to prioritize studying and making good grades. This is exceptionally important if you are on an academic scholarship.

As soon as you arrive on the campus of an Ivy League school, you need to start scoping out great study spots. Knowing where you can go and get some quiet time along with your books can help you stay on the straight and narrow as it pertains to your grades.

Organization is Essential

Staying organized is something many college freshmen struggle with. Many young adults are used to being helped and pushed by their parents. Without your parents there to offer guidance, you run the risk of letting important tasks fall by the wayside.

This is why you need to focus on keeping up with your classes and assignments. Buying a physical organizer and a large wall calendar can be helpful when trying to avoid missing classes or important assignment due dates.

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