Executive Function Skills is Key to Student Success

Dr. Aviva Legatt features Michelle Raz, M.Ed., BCC, CSS in this webinar interview focusing on how to bring success to teens through executive function skills.

February 16, 2023

What Are Executive Function Skills?

What exactly is executive function and how does it relate to your student’s success? Dr. Aviva Legatt explores this and answers many more questions with the help of Michelle Raz, M.Ed., BCC, CSS a Board Certified Coach, Career Specialist, author of Happiness+Passion+Purpose, owner of Raz Coaching and Co-founder of Thrivister – an academic coaching company specializing in high school and college students who struggle with executive functioning challenges.

Executive Functioning can bring a plethora of skills to your student, enabling them to succeed on a higher level and achieve their fullest potential.

Executive Function’s Role with Students

Dr. Aviva and Michelle discuss the following topics:

  • What is executive function? Why is it so critical to success in academics and in life?
  • What are the executive function domains you typically assess? What are some common issues you see across these domains?
  • What are example strategies you would recommend for students to use to improve their executive function?
  • How can parents support their students in developing executive function skills?
  • And more…

Strategies to Help Your Teen’s Concentration

Michelle also discusses strategies to concentrate, a problem that all students can face when trying to complete a task. She shares that it is an individual preference and how your brain is stimulated in different ways. A great take away to parents with multiple students who may learn and study in different ways.

Watch the recording of the live webinar and explore how you can best support your student to achieve their potential through skills learned with executive function.

Author: mandee