Exploring Data Science Career Path

Dr. Aviva Legatt features Mehdi Salmani, PhD in this webinar interview as they explore the data science career path : College Admissions X-Factor Fireside Chat.

April 22, 2022

Data Science with Dr. Mehdi Salmani

Dr. Aviva Legatt interviews Mehdi Salmani, PhD who is currently Head of Data at IBM Watson Orders. The College Admissions X-Factor Fireside Chats are meant to explore different ways to introduce and explore different career paths. Dr. Mehdi explains his experience with Data Science.

Is Data Science a Career Path for You?

Topic of their discussion:
  • What are some tips for networking for your field of study?
  • What are ways to learn or figure out engineering when you have no experience?
  • How do you build your knowledge base and expertise?
  • Interpersonal skills building and what questions to ask.
  • What are some apps that can help you connect with influential people?
  • Where is this industry heading and how to prepare for this industry?
  • What are the steps you can take now to prepare for the Data Science field.
  • What is your stand on Mentorship in career development?

Advice From an Expert

Dr. Mehdi also shares some guidance and advice for what he wishes he knew in high school. His key takeaways were to be hungry and curious! Use this to find what your interests are. One more piece of knowledge he wished he knew what that you don’t have to select the specific field of study in high school and stick with it for life. You have time to adjust your goals and interests in college.

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