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Welcome to College Admissions Real Talk with Dr. Aviva Legatt, a podcast that features college admissions tips for students seeking admission to top-tier colleges. Each episode will feature an important tip for your college admissions success, delivered with candor and love.  If you’ve ever wanted to take a peek inside the mind of a college admissions officer, this is your chance. So… what’s your dream school?

Listen to the podcast trailer to get a sneak preview, and join us Monday through Friday starting on January 11th for daily college admissions insights!

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Welcome to College Admissions Real Talk. This is Dr. Aviva Legatt, founder and Elite Admissions Expert at Ivy Insight. This show has one purpose: To provide practical advice that demystifies college admissions. Why am I doing this show? Because, I’m obsessed with college AND I know what it’s like to be a stressed-out applicant. The process of applying to college was so challenging that I turned my college obsession into a career. Along the way, I had a chance to serve on an Ivy League Admissions committee, and get a doctorate in the field of higher education. I help students like you to get accepted. I also love to write, and share my experiences in Forbes, and in my book “Get Real and Get In”. Have a question? Text me at 610-222-5762 If you’re one of my contacts, I’ll send you an update. So, say hi! For now, enjoy College Admissions: Real Talk.